Our Services

Application Development

We can build advanced applications around your data including web-based systems and mobile apps.

Our team of developers can build software throughout the entire development stack, from back-end server-side components through to rich front-end UIs using the latest web development frameworks.

We build native iOS and Android mobile applications as well as using the latest tools that target both platforms with a unified code base such as React Native and Flutter

Advanced Data Analytics

Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques we can help unlock the potential of your data.

We are experienced in the application of both classical machine learning algorithms, such as support vector machines, linear regression, decision trees and random forests, as well as the burgeoning field of neural networks including advanced techniques such as deep learning, DQNs, convolutional and recurrent networks.

Data Integration

We are experts in integrating large numbers of complex data sources and federating this data into a single system using advanced extract-transform-load (ETL) techniques.

We support the integration of data from a myriad of data sources, including standard SQL and no-SQL data stores as well as proprietary systems via existing file, REST or SOAP APIs.

We offer the option to consolidate data into our own data store implementation or into existing systems, either cloud-based or on-premises.

We are able to provide bespoke data integration implementations that can efficiently filter, enrich or pivot data depending on specific client requirements.

Deployment and Support

We provide multiple support options for the software we build, from on-premises delivery to fully managed cloud-based solutions.

We offer cloud-based deployment solutions for applications supporting the major platform providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. We offer a range of options from packaged deployments via docker or cloud specific images through to a fully managed service where we maintain your infrastructure.

We also offer on-premises delivery of our software stack to client-hosted data centers should this be a requirement for security-sensitive data sets.

We can provide a dedicated or shared team of support staff, and you can choose them to be onshore or offshore.

Our Approach

We strive to deliver software in an agile style. By delivering small incremental instalments that provide business value at each step, we are able to keep costs predictable and affordable.

We plan our work so that we identify small iterations that each deliver working software that provides business value. We then estimate the delivery time and cost of these iterations, which due to their smaller size, tend to be more reliable than traditional project plans with longer-term timelines.

Due to the agile nature of our project plans, we are then able to adapt to change and adjust our deliverables as the underlying business requirements shift.

An important feature of delivering business value at each iteration is that, should funding become constrained, we are able to cease or reduce further development and still have working software in place.