The Data Integration, Analysis and
Machine-learning Experts

The proliferation of data and the advancement of modern machine-learning algorithms is fundamentally changing the way companies conduct their business.

We design and build solutions that help companies integrate their data into a single source. We build innovative applications that apply advanced techniques, using both classical machine learning algorithms and neural networks, to provide key insights into your business.

We use the predictive power of these algorithms to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits.

Our Services

Application Development

We offer the ability to build advanced applications around your data including web-based systems and mobile apps.

Advanced Data Analytics

Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques we can help unlock the potential of your data.

Data Integration

We are experts in integrating with a plethora of existing data sources and federating this data into a single system using advanced extract-transform-load techniques.

Deployment and Support

We provide multiple support options for the software we build, from on-premises delivery to fully managed cloud-based solutions.

Our Clients

Highways England


Adrian Burgess

Xerini have consistently delivered reliable software that has provided real benefits to our business. Xerini are friendly and professional and have been a pleasure to work with, we look forward to many future collaborations together.

Xerini have quickly become our preferred technology supplier.

Adrian Burgess

Techincal Director, PCSG

Case Studies

Why Xerini?

Xerini are a dynamic and agile team of pragmatic technologists who value delivering reliable software that provides material business value as early as possible. Our collective experience spans every level of software and systems development, project and programme management.

  • Agile project planning and development ensures costs are predictable and affordable.
  • Full-stack expertise means we offer services covering the entire lifecycle of application development.
  • Experience with the latest state-of-the-art ML/AI algorithms allows us to delivery truly innovative applications.