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We design bespoke software to meet your specific business needs by breaking down data silos. By aligning IT with the entire organisation and consolidating systems manufacturers can improve data management and visibility between teams.

Using a variety of tools and techniques, we promote cross-collaboration between teams to make data-driven decisions that drive growth. Our solutions help businesses increase productivity and create effective, reliable and secure processes built for scalability.

Our knowledge and experience helps us provide software development, machine learning, data management and IT strategy to build new processes that advance your digital journey.

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Australian railway

A major Australian railway operator wanted the ability to predict failures in the railway network a minimum of 24 hours in advance to reduce costs spent on preventative maintenance.

The operator approached us to create a minimum viable product (MVP) that took sensor data from turnout equipment to compare with failures.

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British Board of Agrément (BBA)

BBA approached us to help bring together their siloed data after switching IT platforms. It needed a report that collated all the data that could be sent to everyone without needing to be manually created.

We created a new centralised system that allowed users across departments to get access to the information needed at the click of a button.

Discover how we transformed BBA’s siloed data…

Change Ahead

Change Ahead previously relied on a team of volunteers to manually search the internet and social media for website links to curate. This time consuming task prevented them from being able to scale up services across the UK.

We proposed an AI tool that could search through large qualities of data and identify relevant content in just five minutes. We helped reduce volunteers needed to curate content from 40 to only 3, so that volunteers to spend their time helping Change Ahead expand.

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The Manufacturing Technology Centre

The MTC approached us for help with preventing defects in their mental 3D printers. We developed a machine learning system that verified the 3D printing baseplates using image processing techniques, automatically identifying regions that do not have enough powder coverage or that have defects.

Not only did this reduce the likelihood of defects occurring, but it also meant that any defects detected were resolved in less than an hour.

Explore how we created a machine learning pipeline…

Nationwide trade association

A 130-year-old trade association needed help with their digital transformation to increase the value of its services to members. They needed help providing a business case to its board of directors in order to invest in new digital technologies.

We provided guidance to define their business goals and how investment in digital transformation can help achieve those goals, including how they could best start. With our support, the material convinced the board to take a leap and invest in the transformation.

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UK railway

A major UK railway operator wanted the ability to detect overgrown vegetation alongside rail tracks in order to schedule maintenance teams to cut them back. They approached us to create a minimum viable product (MVP) to process the images taken by a drone that flew along the track and work out which bits were vegetation and the extent to which they caused an obstruction.

We began making the LiDAR data available in the browser, rather than a desktop application so that stakeholders could have easy access to the images. We then ran further processing to detect and classify different aspects of the data, such as isolating the difference between the ground, buildings and foliage…

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