Software Development

Xerini can handle all your system design and implementation requirements, from large, complex, multi-system integration and data processing systems, to smaller web or mobile-based applications. We have many years of experience delivering large scale data integration and processing projects, data-mining and visualisation systems, responsive web applications and building cross-platform mobile apps. Our clients have included large public sector bodies and smaller digital consultancies. We can lead you through the software implementation process, either offering our own agile Software Development Lifecycle off-the-shelf or integrating with your organisation’s existing processes.

Data Analysis, Integration, and Aggregation

We can write software that can connect to any digital system to reliably source data, either in real-time or batch. Bringing all the data, from multiple disparate systems together, we can clean it, verify its validity, report on its quality, flagging up inconsistencies or gaps, providing a comprehensive set of tools and reports customised for all levels of an organisation – from the support analysts to the C-level management. In today’s data-saturated world the quantity and complexity of data can be overwhelming, but we can help to source, structure and mine your data for value to give your company a new edge.

Machine Learning

We cut through some of the hype in this vibrant area of technology by applying tried and tested techniques to your data to extract tangible business value. We do this by building applications that can classify your data in ways that have a real impact to your business. We are experienced in the application of both classical machine learning algorithms, such as support vector machines, linear regression, decision trees and random forests, as well as the burgeoning field of neural networks including advanced techniques such as deep learning, DQNs, convolutional and recurrent networks. We have expertise in applying both supervised and un-supervised learning techniques to deliver sophisticated applications with powerful predicative capabilities.

Minimum Viable Product Development

Do you feel that managing your data better can improve life for your organisation and your clients? Got an amazing idea that you just know will gain traction as soon as everyone ‘gets it’? Juggling with a dozen ways to do something and unsure which direction is the right one? Xerini can help you get to the next stage. We have years of experience building PoCs and MVPs – sometimes to open people’s eyes, sometimes to ship to real users as an ‘alpha release’ or as an exercise to get ideas and implications down on paper. We can do this for apps, systems, data analyses, and ML – and we always remain grounded in simplicity and with an eye on the future.

System Architecture and Design

With our guiding principal of Rigorous Simplicity informing us throughout, we can specify the architecture and design of any software solution that you might be considering. Based on an understanding of your requirements, aspirations, timelines, and investment appetite, we will never over or under specify – whether it’s a simple piece of software running locally or a fully-scalable microservice solution deployed via Kubernetes to the cloud, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Strategy Consulting

We help our clients to align their IT capabilities with their business requirements, ensuring that both add value to their organisations in as efficient and effective a way as possible. Our clients have benefitted from our experience and expertise at all levels, from helping them assess new technology systems to helping them build entirely new business processes. Contact us to find out how we can assist, guide and advise you on your digital journey, no matter how far along it you are.